Friday, February 22, 2008

Triplets born to teenager - again

While checking the news, I came across this article in BBC News.  Here is a part of the article:
A 16-year-old Argentine girl has given birth to female triplets - for the second time.

"The girl, named only as Pamela, had her first set of female triplets aged 15, having first given birth to a son when she was just 14.

All seven children were born prematurely but without any kind of fertility treatment.

While doctors say the three newborns and their mother are well, the case has sparked debate across Argentina."

As the article goes on to state, someone does need to speak with her about what she is doing. I think she should be told about more than just contraceptives though. She needs to be told about abstinence, about the Gospel and now how to raise her seven children!


Meredith said...

have you seen that TV show "John and Kate Plus 8"? It's fascinating. You should check it out.

mrsidotf said...

I saw part of it the other day at my in-laws. That is a lot of children. It does help that they are married and not teenagers. I have no idea what that girl in Argentina is thinking. When I was 16, I was not thinking about being a mom... especially of 7 kids!!!