Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gluten Free

I usually am not overly-personal on this blog, I have a private blog for friends and family, but I need to get some thoughts out there and hopefully people who read this can help me!

I recently tested positive for Celiac Disease. So I am now embarking on the journey of trying to be gluten free. I was completely overwhelmed yesterday. I was overly emotional and felt like I was grieving- sounds silly, but I am losing a huge part of my life (so to say)! I love bread products ( or things made with wheat and there are many)- pasta, pizza, bread, cereal, rolls, biscuits... you name it and I love it! So it was sad to think about not enjoying these wonderful things that God has given us to eat.

I have been doing research and trying to find things that I can eat. It is also hard having a family that I am to cook for. I do not want to deprive them of these yummy things- but it is very hard to see them, to smell the food, and not get any!!! Enough of the pity-party! I am continuing to pray that God helps me.

I am just curious if there are others out there who can help me. Any readers who have this or know someone who does?? Any resources, thoughts, ideas????

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Betsy said...

Hey K--just checking in after a long time and I'm sad about your news! I know there are a few blogs out there that are gluten free for various reasons (I think a Year of Crockpotting is... search that title). Also, South Beach related stuff might help you out. Bummer.

I'll read more and "catch up" more on your other blog!