Thursday, August 14, 2008

Watch Your Man

I just listened to this and would encourage other wives to listen to Watch Your Man By Carolyn Mahaney  

Click HERE to download and listen. This message was delivered at Sovereign Grace Ministries’ 2007 Leadership Conference.

Here is a description of the message:

Part of a wife’s biblical role is to bring faithful, gentle correction to her husband when necessary. True friends are willing to humbly correct one another, but if a wife does this poorly, she can damage her marriage.

In this seminar for women, Carolyn Mahaney explain’s a wife’s responsibility to lovingly watch over her husband. She gives biblical advice on questions such as how to correct in humility and love, when to forbear patiently, and when to prayerfully persist and appeal for change. Most important, Carolyn encourages wives to rely on God to change their husbands’ hearts and actions. It is God’s favor and approval—not change in their husbands—that wives must ultimately seek.

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Jess said...

Thank you for the recommendation; I'm listening to it now! I love good tips like this. :)