Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Books I am Reading

 I have had this book for a while and not really read much of it. I am at a point now that I NEED all the biblical help I can get with training and disciplining my son. This is an excellent book. I found I was doing some things right and that I also need to work on some things. It is great because it helps you with discipline at different ages. Some much needed encouragement and focus.
You can gohere to see it.

 This is a book that shows research and gives plans for sleep with babies and up. I have only read a little, but this is needed as well right now. My two year old has decided to sin and rebel against sleep. Which as you can imagine is not good for anyone involved. He is overtired and that makes it even more difficult. I am reading to get him back on track for good sleeping habits. It started with the freedom of a toddler bed and has just escalated from there. He used to sleep 12 -13 hours at night and we are down to 7-8. That drastically has affected his behavior. Keeping him in bed at night is another issue. So if you want to know more about how often your child should sleep and other information this is a great tool. Here is the book.

 I am also reading this for fun. My husband gave it to me a while ago. I love Jane Austen. Peter Leithart does a great job of looking into her novels.

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Betsy said...

We're big fans of Shepherding a Child's Heart! We need to reread it.