Monday, October 20, 2008

Well I did it

I finally did what I was not wanting to do. I joined facebook. I have debated doing this for a while now and decided it was time. I had several reasons for joining and several for not wanting to join. 
Reasons for:
1. To keep up with people that I do not have a lot of time to see or talk to.
2. To try and stay up-to-date with things going on on-line that my children may one day be a part of.
3. To try and understand why everyone loves it.
Reasons against:
1. Not a lot of extra time.
2. I want to be more intentional with people face to face and not just read about their life.
3. It will be something else that I have to figure out.

So I thought about the good/bad and realized that I am just going to have to try and see for myself what it is all about and hopefully it will be useful for staying "connected" to those I really want to minister to. Hopefully I will figure it all out.

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