Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have you read your Bible lately?

Have you read your Bible lately? I know that is something that you may not want to talk about. Either because you do not read the Bible, maybe it has been a long time, or maybe you think you are too busy. I admit, that sometimes it is a struggle to read my Bible with all that is going on, but I do try to daily spend time with my Lord, through His Word.

All of that to say... I watched a very interesting show the other night on PBS. It was part of a series called Secrets of the Dead. This particular episode was called Battle for the Bible.  I would encourage you to watch it, just check your local listings. It was very educational. The show walked through how the Bible was translated and survived. "The dangers faced by religious reformers and those who translated the Bible into English are examined in this compelling episode," according to the site.

My husband and I have listened to MP3s that deal with this and I am blown away. People sacrificed all they had to get God's Word. People at one time could not have a copy of the Bible and when it was translated into their language it was outlawed. May people were killed by burning for even having a copy of the Bible.

That just causes my heart to be so burdened. I think about how many Bible's we have today and in a variety of translations- all at our fingertips- and what do we do with it? Nothing for the most part. We have God's Word in our hand and we are too busy for it. It seems like some people have reverted back to Catholicism in the fact that they only hear God's Word on Sunday from the pastor. Where is the passion? Where is the desire to read His truth? To know God?

I want to encourage you to read your Bible. We have so many resources out there that were bought with blood. Don't neglect your freedom to own and read God's Word.

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livinginparadise said...

Jason watched part of this the other night too. It is such a good reminder about how fortunate we are to have these freedoms and to lift our leadership of our country up in prayer so that they won't take those freedoms away.

So glad you have a blog too. I have wondered how you were doing and what you were up to. Blogs are great for keeping up.