Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I did it!

I made my first baby food! I had wanted to in the past, but we did not have a food processor. We got one when I was pregnant (it also can make milkshakes!!) and have finally made some food. It is not as hard as I thought, nor time consuming.
I am sure that many out there have done it. This is my first. I knew it would save here is what I did.
I got a one pound bag of peas for $0.88.  I made a cup of peas (with plenty left over for later) and put them in the processor. One cup filled up half of an ice-cube tray.  They are now in the freezer ready for when I need them. I only made a little just to experiment for right now. One cube should be enough to feed her at each feeding so I have 9 meals ready to go. I just hope she eats the peas!!!

Pass on any tips you have!!!


ElleBee said...

Sweet potatoes are super easy too. Just boil the potatoes, peel and puree with a bit of water. Both my boys LOVED them!

Science PhD Mom said...

My kids both loved green beans too. Just steam them (you can even do it in the microwave) and puree with a bit of water.

Carrots I found did not work as well, I saved those for a chunkier baby food. I second sweet potatoes, those were great, as was creamed corn. And broccoli was a huge hit, too--go figure! My basic process for everything was steam and puree with a little added water if necessary.