Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Terrible twos....I think not

I always have heard about the "terrible twos" as if it is something that we are just to accept and allow in our children's lives- it is normal. How your child will pitch fits, say no, and act completely crazy as they break away and form some new independence that they did not have before. Well to all who believe that behavior is acceptable and normal I have something to say. NO WAY!!!

I would like to label these "terrible twos" for what it really is SIN! I feel like today was WW3. I love my baby boy and for the most part he is very compliant, but today we had a battle. To start things off he did not have a nap- something that is always needed and enforced daily. From there it just got worse. As I was in the middle of what seemed like a never ending crying, screaming, discipline, eternity- God spoke to my heart.

I have learned so many things about the character of God from being a parent. I have also learned to depend on Him for everything. Some things that I learned today- or was reminded of I should say are:

1. God places people in our lives (and uses suffering) to form us more into the image of Christ.
Through the book study I am doing, I read last week about how the suffering in our lives makes us more like Christ. That has really been on my mind. Christ had to suffer and did suffer for God's glory. He suffered with His family, friends, and everyone else. So why should I expect anything different in my life. I can see how different people are in my life to make me more like Christ. He uses it all for His glory. Even enduring a day I never wish to have again. (Romans 5:3-5, Romans 8:18, Philippians 3:8-11)

2. God is so gracious to sinners who are found in Christ.
My sin is so great and His grace is even greater. (Romans 5:18-21)

3. I am in my "terrible twos" and will be until I am glorified.
I am a sinner. I sin all the time and am in need daily of grace and mercy.( Romans 8:22-25)

4. God never stops loving His children.
No matter how much I blow it and sin, because I am His child, I cannot be separated for Christ.
(Lamentations 3:22-24, Romans 8:31-39)

5. We must be broken to be made new.
(Psalm 51)

6. God disciplines His children because He loves them.
It is not always easy to discipline my children, but I do it because I love them. I do not want to leave them in their sin. I am to teach them and bring them up in the instruction of the Lord. That is the same thing that my Heavenly Father does with me. ( Ephesians 6:4, Hebrews 12:7-11)

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