Monday, September 8, 2008

something to ponder

While on vacation I was thinking a lot about keeping my children safe. Anytime we are in a new environment I am always in that protective mom mode. You know.. watch for cars, little things they can get into, staying out of the water/ocean (when a hurricane is coming!), just about anything. I want to keep my babies safe and protect them from anything that would harm them.

But it struck me. What I need to protect them from most is themselves! My son was into a lot of things. Being almost 2 (on Wednesday) he never stops! But his sin is what is doing the most damage right now. Not climbing on things or falling. We always want to focus on this external things, but it is the heart that needs to change. 

It is not always easy to deal with. Especially when he acts like he has never heard the word NO. But if I am to protect him from the most harmful thing it is not going to be easy.

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Betsy said...

So true! I sent you a I Heart Your Blog Award... you're supposed to pass it on to 7 people, but I'm not cool enough to follow that many blogs, so I didn't send it 7....