Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Love You!

The funniest thing happened last night, well I thought it was so funny I about broke a rib laughing so hard! We decided to splurge, which we never do, and go to Dairy Queen. I have been wanting one of the new Blizzards- the Caramel Waffle Crisp one! Yummy!! By the way- it was soooo good.
So, my wonderful husband takes us there to get the great treat. He is just excited because I am wanting ice cream- the poor guy never gets it anymore! So we drive up and he orders the blizzard, the guy tells us the total (all the while Ezekiel is in the back of the car talking and playing, keep that in mind) and Glenn asks for some water too. The guy says, "the free water" and we say yes, so he repeats the total and Glenn says, "love you"! I hit his arm and said what??? His face turned all red, he was not even thinking about what he was saying. He told me that he was thinking about the baby because he was being so cute in the back of the car. But we laughed and laughed. I am not even sure if the guy taking our order even heard him, but it was too funny! Having a baby changes everything!


Sandy said...

This comment is unrelated to your blog post today. It's regarding Meredith's post. You'll have to get her to explain her comment that "sometimes violence IS the answer." I think you'll be able to relate to her explanation.

By the way, I think your story is absolutely hilarious. And yes, I think the DQ guy heard Glenn's remark--they wear those headset things now. I would have loved to see his reaction!

Meredith said...