Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shopping for Modest Clothing!

I was reading Girl Talk and they shared some sites to go to for those of you looking for modest clothing.

A Little Shopping
It’s summer, and the search is on for modest clothing. Here are three websites to assist you in your quest to be modestly minded:
Christa Taylor
Down East Basics
Shade Clothing

DISCLAIMER: We at girltalk are not personally acquainted with the owners of these sites. Nor do we presume to put some sort of “girltalk stamp of approval” on their product or company. We simply want to point you in the direction of more modest and attractive apparel options. Please use the same discretion and biblical criteria when shopping at these sites as anywhere else.

For more on modesty: check out our “Fashion and Following the Savior” series and the “Modesty Heart Check.”

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