Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Which Action Hero Would You Be?

Which Action Hero Would You Be?
You scored as a William Wallace

The great Scottish warrior William Wallace led his people against their English oppressors in a campaign that won independence for Scotland and immortalized him in the hearts of his countrymen. With his warrior's heart, tactician's mind, and poet's soul, Wallace was a brilliant leader. He just wanted to live a simple life on his farm, but he gave it up to help his country in its time of need.

Indiana Jones 42%
William Wallace 42%
James Bond, Agent 007 33%
The Amazing Spider-Man 33%
Maximus 29%
Captain Jack Sparrow 29%
Neo, the "One" 25%
The Terminator 25%
El Zorro 21%
Lara Croft 21%
Batman, the Dark Knight 17%
I thought this was so funny. I do love Braveheart, but I had no idea that is the Action Hero I would be. Take the quiz Here to find out who you would be. Let me know!!

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Glenn said...

Hi Baby, just wanted to let you know that you action hero husband took the test! =)