Friday, April 27, 2007

What a HUGE Disappointment!

Last night we rented the movie One Night With the King. I had been looking forward to seeing this movie because I love the Biblical account of Esther . It is an amazing story of how God takes care of His people and how He uses ordinary people to do incredible things. So... we rented it. I had not really followed the reviews when the movie first came out and I was not even sure if it would be good. Well, that leads us to the title of this post "What a HUGE disappointment!!"

First of all, the entire focus of the movie was not on God, nor did it follow the Scriptures (they did have some facts, but they were few). I think a more appropriate title would have been Haman and His Revenge or The Jewish Necklace. My choice for these two titles would be for the fact that the plot of this movie seemed to be only about those things. Haman was angry and wanted revenge on the Jews and Esther had a necklace that when it was in the light, it would show the star of David.

I am ok with them adding in some conversations that seem to be relevant. We do not know some of the exact words that were spoken because the Bible does not give "word for word" all of the time. But they completely changed parts of the story that were very important. The movie added characters that were not needed and frustrated me beyond belief!

I do not know why we feel that we need to add or take things away from the Bible. It is jammed full of action, love, failing, victory, battle, romance, truth, evil, good... you name it and it is in the Bible. So why would we need to change any of it. The story I watched last night was meaningless and very heartbreaking to me. The truth that is in God's Word is so amazing. It breaks my heart that they made it seem so trivial and pointless.

So needless to say, I did not like the movie- if you couldn't tell!

I pray that we do not make the same mistake when we read and study God's Word. We need not add or subtract anything from it.

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Meredith said...

I'll remember not to ever rent that one!